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Welcome to the official website of Dark Shadows Films. Here you will find information about their life, their career, latest projects, and learn so much more about their work. Dark Shadows Films appreciates your interest and involvement in their work, and invites you to explore their site.


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Dark Shadows Films is an Indie film company dedicated to providing our fans with the best in Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy films.

Creator of Dark Shadows Films, Nurideen DeBouse, is a motivated and passionate Filmmaker, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. His passion for the arts started at a young age, and  have grown to become a skilled, and recognized Filmmaker. Please browse their site, and get in touch with any questions.



Dark Shadows Films has multiple projects in the works for the 2020 film  year.  
As of now due to Covid-19 we will still accept taped auditions for  all projects and castings announced.


Playa web series casting call. Please message for more information.

Video Camera

Yell casting notice will be posted soon.


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Spring 2021

When Sarah's best friend Jessica suddenly disappears, some suspicions arise as she starts to notice some very unusual things happening in the small town of Roussea Louisiana. She along with Jessica's Ex Boyfriend Kevin, begin their own investigation when local authorities won't step up.



July 2020

The story of Mark Essex and his journey through racism throughout the United States during the 1970's, which led him to join the Black Panther Party in the city of New Orleans, and fight back against racial prejudice and injustice.



October  2021

Anthony finds himself plagued by pain and nightmares that just won't go away. He try's  everything from, medicine, meditation, and therapy, but nothing seems to be working, until one day he meets an old woman who tells him she can take all his pain away with a simple potion. Little did he know that eventually it would bring his nightmares to life and turn everything upside down.



October 2018

Patrica, unhappy with her life uses the dark arts of Santeria to change her looks and lifestyle. Her best friend Summer try's to warn her, but is too late and Patricia pays a heavy price in the end for it.

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Awards & Recognition

Image by Elti Meshau
Car Lights

humanitarian award

October 28, 2019

Dark Shadows Films was thrilled to receive this award surrounded by industry masters, friends, and colleagues. Working as a Filmmaker is all about teamwork, and Dark Shadows Films wouldn’t be able to be where they are today without their amazing and talented team. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch today.

Best Scare

April 1, 2020

Dark Shadows Films was absolutely thrilled to win this award at the Foreman Empire Productions International Film Festival.

Best Horror Picture

April 1, 2020

Dark Shadows Films snagged this award for their original ideas and overall creativity. They would like to thank all of their fans and industry partners who have helped them reach this momentous part in their career. Winning this award has taught Dark Shadows Films how important it is to push yourself and work hard for those dreams you truly believe in.

Doorway Light

Scariest 5 minute horror

June 19, 2017

This award really meant a lot because it was won by our first short ever created.

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